Steve Piccolo & Gak Sato ‘Hidden Tracks’ / Paolo Angeli – Antonello Salis Duo

Past Dates

Steve Piccolo & Gak Sato ‘Hidden Tracks’

Former Lounge Lizards bass player Steve Piccolo was a founding member of the New York No Wave-movement, declining from Lurie’s band shortly before 1980. The two albums of his band Domestic Exile are treasures of minimalist art rock. Today, Piccolo is – like his Japanese partner Gak Sato – a Milan resident.

Their project Hidden Tracks is trying to increase awareness for day-to-day perception of sound. This summer, the two musicians undertook an excursion to Berlin to collect sound samples. These field recordings combined with live music will blend into a very special sound-‘track’ of the metropolis. Drawing attention to the topic of surveillance, their acoustic discoveries translate familiar sounds into a newly perceived audio-experience.

Paolo Angeli – Antonello Salis Duo

Guitarist Paolo Angeli and pianist/accordion player Antonello Salis both have a good grasp of improvisation: the performance of the two Sardinians is reminiscent of the commedia dell’arte. Antonello Salis has been playing with the Art Ensemble of Chicago, Don Cherry and Pino Minafra, developing a unique theatrical style. At home with experimental music, Paolo Angeli has also been concentrating on Sardinian folk music, subsequently playing on a modified traditional Sardinian guitar.

Steve Piccolo & Gak Sato ‘Hidden Tracks’
special guest Elliott Sharp

Steve Piccolo bass, vocals
Gak Sato electronics, theremin
Massimo Falascone saxes
Walter Prati cello
Elliott Sharp guitar, soprano sax

Paolo Angeli – Antonello Salis Duo

Paolo Angeli guitar
Antonello Salis piano, accordion