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Botanical Comrades 植物同志

Walk-Reading with Zheng Bo

On 7 September, which marks the Solar Term White Dew (白露), Zheng will host a walk-reading starting at the Gropius Bau. While taking a walk in the Tiergarten, the group will be reading excerpts from the English translation of the Dao De Jing, a foundational text for Daoism.

Zheng Bo, Dune Botanical Garden, 2018

Zheng Bo, Dune Botanical Garden, 2018

  • 90 min
  • In English

Past Dates

Registration was possible until 2 September. The event is fully booked.

During his residency at the Gropius Bau, Zheng Bo is in exchange with scientists to deepen his research into the politics of plants. On the Solar Terms of the East Asian lunisolar calendar he invites the public to join him for open studios that include talks, walks or workshops.

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