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Remix Ensemble

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Past Dates

Recording by Deutschlandradio Kultur: 22 March 2012, 20:03

Known for its stylistic range, the Portuguese Remix Ensemble concert under Peter Rundel and featuring cellist Sonia Wieder-Atherton contrasts new works by Wolfgang Rihm and Emanuel Nunes with radical avant-garde music from Cage’s following:

Sinfonie No. 2 (1962), the »quiet« musical and, at the same time, theatrical work by Georg Brecht, who was one of the earliest and most important actors in the American Fluxus movement. And Form 2 (1993) by James Tenney, dedicated to John Cage, where the harmonic structure is derived exclusively from the overtones of the note »e«. The harmony builds up to 27 voices and then thins out again until just one single note remains. Time is structured freely, using Cage's time bracket notation. The players are stationed around the periphery of the space, surrounding the audience.

George Brecht
Symphony No. 2 (1962)
Wolfgang Rihm
Hommage à Max Beckmann for cello and orchestra (2009)
James Tenney
Form 2
In memoriam John Cage [1912–1992] (1993)
Emmanuel Nunes
Improvisation I – Für ein Monodram
for nine instrumentalists (2002/05) GP of the last version
Wolfgang Rihm
Will Sound More Again
for ensemble (2005/11) GP
Commissioned work Casa da Musica Porto and Berliner Festspiele / MaerzMusik

In collaboration with Casa da Música Porto.
With support by Réseau Varèse – European Network for the Creation and Promotion of New Music, funded by The European Union's culture programme