BPA // Berlin program for artists at the Gropius Bau

BPA at Gropius Studios – Public Presentation

Victor Payares’s paintings create a dense and layered landscape, an abstract cartography working on multiple scales and temporalities. His work knits together a surface to conjure a sense of archeological wonder, revealing an image or a text, a sign, only to conceal another.

In his ongoing research, Esper Postma confronts recent rehabilitations of Prussian cultural heritage in the attempt to reinforce a common German identity. His new installation, an architectural displacement, challenges the contentious reconstruction of the Berlin Palace as the Humboldt Forum, which is set to open in December this year.

On several spontaneously selected dates, artist Anton Steenbock will open to visitors a “pneumatic contemplation room” in which he will engage the public in personal conversations. A basic framework of drawings and photographs will be used like a Tarot card deck to guide the conversations, alongside several new works.

BPA at Gropius Studios

Image: Lena Rossbach, Vreni Knoedler x Studio Pandan

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