BPA // Berlin program for artists at the Gropius Bau

BPA at Gropius Studios – Public Presentation

In his work, Niklas Binzberger employs objects as lures or traps, the “work” hides its purpose, the audience is targeted. It is a work of deception. How does one look at art? What does one look at, for how long? Here, data is gathered surreptitiously and feeds back into the artistic experience.

Over the course of her stay at the Gropius Bau, Anne Fellner will develop a series of “plein air” paintings based on her observation of a webcam placed on the lighthouse of Point No Point, an outcropping of land on the northeast point of the Kitsap Peninsula in Washington, not far from the artist’s childhood home. “From afar, it is a point. As you approach, it disappears: no point. A setting erodes through movement.”

Michelle Volta works with performance, sound, video and photography. Occasionally she takes the form of the choir and sings with many voices. At the Gropius Bau, Michelle will present the music video to a brand-new song addressing artistic work conditions.

BPA at Gropius Studios

Image: Lena Rossbach, Vreni Knoedler x Studio Pandan

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