Gropius Bau Giving Space

tracing matters

Grupo Oito

Within the framework of Bodies Object(s) Borders & Corners

Where do we dissolve our boundaries and where do they keep us apart? How do we set our individual boundaries and where do we face set boundaries? On what grounds does this happen? What occurs in space, between people, and in the body when borders/boundaries are (de-)constructed? With the second workshop, Grupo Oito invites us to follow the traces of these questions in our own bodies.

© nanova-photography

  • 120 min
  • In English (possible other languages: German, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian)
  • From 14 years

Past Dates

The number of participants is limited; please register before 4 November 2020 via .*

We share the space with stones, which sometimes are an obstacle, a border, a bridge, and always a ground to stand on. Besides the stones’ stories of setting limits and of destruction, they also tell of empowerment and creation. Stones are old, connect places and times and, through human usage, embrace contradictions. Grupo Oito brings stones from the streets of Berlin to the Gropius Bau and, together with the participants, searches for the ambivalence that lives in the material and the memories of borders and corners.

Please bring comfortable clothes and shoes to move, no previous knowledge required.

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