Live art, music, installations and archive

Wild Times, Planetary Motions

Berliner Festspiele 70

Berliner Festspiele will turn 70 in 2021. In honour of this occasion, they will host a five-day programme that unites the various festival disciplines at the Gropius Bau and lets them resonate with each other.

“Sunnosphere”, Alexander Hawkins & Siska

“Sunnosphere”, Alexander Hawkins & Siska

© Camille Blake

International visual artists, musicians and performers will present works situated between improvisation and score, creating a programme that can be experienced in a day version and a nocturnal one. It unites jazz and contemporary music, theatre works about plant intelligence, suites by J.S.Bach in the dark, humanoid robots in dialogue, a performative landscape scenography, historical films, conversations and archive material on the Festspiele’s history.

These works deal with moments of metamorphosis, of intimacy and vulnerability. How can our dealings with an uncertain present be turned into an act of creativity? Wild Times, Planetary Motions wants to oppose our fissured status quo with a spark of ferocity and rebellion, creating a circuitry of renewal.

Featuring Monira Al Qadiri & Raed Yassin, Nikhil Chopra with Yuko Kaseki, Doris Dziersk, Alexander Hawkins & Siska, Manuela Infante, Augustin Maurs, Jimmy Robert, SERAFINE1369, The Monochrome Project, Olivia Wenzel and many others.

Curated by Natasha Ginwala, Jeroen Versteele together with the artistic directors of Berliner Festspiele and Thilo Fischer (Archive)