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Masculinities: Berlin Perspectives

Masc*4 No Category with Loren Britton

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In this listening party as part of the exhibition Masculinities: Liberation through Photography Loren Britton questions categorical and archetypal representations of masculinities.

Peter Hujar, David Britzenhofe Applying Makeup (II), 1982

Peter Hujar, David Brintzenhofe Applying Makeup (II), 1982. Vintage gelatin silver print, 36.8 x 37.2 cm

Courtesy: Peter Hujar Archive and Pace/MacGill Gallery, New York, Copyright: 1987 The Peter Hujar Archive LLC

  • 60 min
  • In English

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Mix tape
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This mix tape titled Masc* for No Category crosses through and resonates alongside the exhibition Masculinities: Liberation through Photography. Troubling categorical and archetypical representations of masculinities and resonating with thinkers such as Paul B. Preciado, Audre Lorde and Andrea Long Chu, Britton follows re-representations of patriarchal masculinity in and outside of the exhibition. In doing so, they strive towards an appreciation of the desire for non-normativities that are already there.

The exhibition Masculinities: Liberation through Photography offers a panorama of filmic and photographic works that present masculinity as a performative concept of identity in a complex field of social expectations. Patriarchal structures, queer identities, discourses about race and class, sexual identity and female perceptions of men are brought into focus in different ways.

In order to provide space for a critical reflection on the exhibition, three Berlin artists and cultural practitioners are invited to share their personal perspectives on the presented themes and positions with the audience.

Loren Britton is an interdisciplinary artist and thinker based in Berlin. Playing with critical pedagogy, re-positionings, co-creation and undoing norms they practise with matters of anti-racism, trans*feminist-techno-science and accessibilities. Britton is currently an artistic researcher on the interdisciplinary project Re: Coding Algorithmic Culture at the University of Kassel.