Chamber Opera

Les articulations de la Reine

Grotesque chamber opera for animated objects

François Sarhan / Bertrand Raynaud / Fred Pommerehn

German premiere
Les articulations de la Reine

Les articulations de la Reine

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  • 1 h 20 min, without interval

Past Dates

Talk with the audience on 28 January after the performance

“Les articulations de la Reine” combines live music and narrative, puppetry and stage installation to create a piece of “studio opera for animated objects”. Inside an adaptable cube, two groups face each other: on one side, the soldier and his captain, on the other, the king and queen. Both couples are divided by a conflict, provoking identificatory fun and games. The plot is shaped by neither narrative nor psychological rules. Instead, it obeys a purely formal design – and this is also how one should understand the work’s title. “Articulations” refers to both the queen’s body language and to the form of expression of the piece itself, as well as the language of the characters. The whole could be called an opera, if it was not for the irony and reduction of means communicated by the “orchestra” – a small, colourfully mixed ensemble – which are more reminiscent of cabaret.

Collectif CrWth, the ensemble founded by composer François Sarhan, is a group of artists who have devoted themselves to productions spanning genre borders. The jointly developed projects are shaped by a pleasure in experimentation and a search for untypical forms.


Music, Concept François Sarhan
Set Design, Lighting Design, Concept Fred Pommerehn
Text Bertrand Raynaud
Dramaturgy Rebecca Rohde
Puppet Theatre Paulo Duarte, Uta Gebert
Narrator Anja Hempel
Musicians Raphaël Godeau, Erwan Burban, Frédéric Daverio, Sylvain Lemêtre

Production Collectif CrWth
Co-production with Muse en Circuit Paris, Centre André Malraux – Scène Nationale de Vandoeuvre-lès-Nancy, Festival Archipel Genf, Festival Perspectives Saarbrücken, Arsenal de Metz and spielzeiteuropa | Berliner Festspiele
Supported by Subsistances, Institut International de la Marionnette (Charleville-Mézières), SPEDIDAM, Association Beaumarchais, AFAA, Ministère de la Culture et de la Communication (DRAC Haute-Normandie) and the Capital City Culture Funds Berlin