Three Atmospheric Studies

The Forsythe Company (Dresden, Frankfurt/Main)

Three Atmospheric Studies

Three Atmospheric Studies. The Forsythe Company

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  • 1 h 45 min. no interval

Past Dates

Talk with the audience on 3 February after the performance

“In ‘Three Atmospheric Studies’, The Forsythe Company creates a world that appears in cross sections and glimpses. The dancers build a series of scenes, of conversations, which sketch into space the interior tensions of the energetic architecture of war. The voices, transformed and amplified, roll through the bodies, tearing the room into a wreckage of sound. The dancers navigate backward toward a whole, flooding the room with the body’s human time.”
Dana Caspersen

After the closure of the Ballett Frankfurt at the end of the 2003/2004 season, Forsythe established his own private company. The Forsythe Company started in January 2005 and will continue to create work as a logical extension of the Ballett Frankfurt. However, by operating on a much smaller institutional scale, The Forsythe Company will be able to extend its artistic impact by pursuing a wide range of new and unconventional projects that were not possible to elaborate fully within the city-funded institution of the Ballett Frankfurt.


Choreography / Directed by William Forsythe
Music David Morrow (Part II), Thom Willems (Part III)
Stage and Lighting Design William Forsythe
Costumes Sataru Choko, Dorothee Merg
Sound Design and Synthesis Dietrich Krüger, Niels Lanz
Voice Treatment, dsp Programming Andreas Breitscheid, Manuel Poletti in cooperation with the Forum Neues Musiktheater Staatsoper Stuttgart
Speakers Part II Amancio Gonzalez, David Kern, Jone San Martin
Speakers Part III Dana Caspersen, David Kern, Ander Zabala

Dancers The Forsythe Company
Yoko Ando, Francesca Caroti, Dana Caspersen, Marthe Krummenacher, Vanessa Le Mat, Roberta Mosca, Jone San Martin, Heidi Vierthaler, Elizabeth Waterhouse, Cyril Baldy, Amancio Gonzalez, Ayman Harper, Sang Jijia, David Kern, Ioannis Mantafounis, Fabrice Mazliah, Georg Reischl, Ander Zabala

The Forsythe Company is supported by the city of Dresden and the Free State of Saxony as well as the city of Frankfurt / Main and the Land Hesse