Portrait Concert / Livestream Audio
Halim El-Dabh

Halim El-Dabh – Electroacoustic Music

A listening session with Bonaventure Soh Bejeng Ndikung, Kamila Metwaly and Berno Odo Polzer
Electroacoustic compositions by Halim El-Dabh

Any portrait of the composer and sonic explorer Halim El-Dabh would not be complete without an insight into his electroacoustic works. This significant aspect of his music can be accessed through a live audio stream.

Unfortunately, this event had to be cancelled on short notice. We apologise for any inconvenience this may have caused.

An early form of graphic notation from Egypt (detail)

An early form of graphic notation from Egypt (detail), documented in the book ‘Musicologie pharaonique’ by ethnomusicologist Hans Hickmann, Kehl am Rhein 1956

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The scope, diversity and depth of Halim El-Dabh’s work – which encompasses seven decades of scores of all genres, electroacoustic compositions, poetic, scholarly and philosophical writings, instrumental and vocal research, musicological field work, and much more – is poorly understood and completely undervalued until today. If at all, the name Halim El-Dabh is mentioned in the historiography of electronic music, and for a good reason: In 1944, he produced one of the earliest, if not the earliest known electroacoustic composition, “Taabir El Zaar” – the beginning of a long and abundant output in sonic experimentation. This evening aims at taking a closer look at El-Dabh’s most well-known – if still underexposed – legacy: his work as a pioneer of electronic music.

In collaboration with SAVVY Contemporary