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Thinking Together

Thinking Together

Online lectures, workshops, seminars

Thinking Together 2021 will take place between 20 and 26 March live on Zoom. Programme details will be announced at a later date.

Aerial view of the natural shapes and textures of a lake, taken with a drone

Aerial view of the natural shapes and textures of a lake. Taken via drone

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Thinking Together 2021 is dedicated to the idea of “The End of Time” in its philosophical and historic dimensions as well as its current political, social, ecological and economical ramifications. End time imaginaries flourish (anew) within the current climate of climate change, species extinction, socio-political uncertainty, and a global pandemic. The discourse format’s lectures, workshops, and seminars will look at, and look beyond Apocalypticism as a position towards the world and future. Thinking Together 2021 is focused on that which lies outside the self-fulfilling spell of apocalypticism and the defuturing expectation of end-time-thinking: forms of knowledge and practices that show ways of nurturing the future.