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Interviews & Instrumentarium

Short films about the opening project “Environment”

Over 100 short films featuring participants in the “Environment” project. In the “Interviews” they talk about what the term “environment” means to them. In the “Instrumentarium” we learn about the history, materiality and sound of their instruments.

Wiphala (detail)

Wiphala (detail), rainbow flag, symbol of indigenous peoples in Bolivia, Peru and elsewhere

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Past Dates

During the long 84 days of forced quarantine at the Rheinsberg Music Academy, the ensembles PHØNIX16 and Orquesta Experimental de Instrumentos Nativos (OEIN) realised, among other things, two corresponding video projects with over 100 short films, which portray the participants in the project “Environment” and the special instruments of the OEIN respectively. While the interviews focus on elucidating the personal meanings of the multilayered term “environment” for those involved in the production (social, nature-related, political, philosophical, acoustic and as an artistic form and practice), the short film series “Instrumentarium” show the origins, materialities and tonalities of the instruments that were played by the OEIN and PHØNIX16 and that were mostly built exclusively for this project. The result is a mosaic-like moving image in which all voices involved in “Environment” – human or instrumental – are rendered audible, revealing time and again the exceptional experience of the pandemic.


Short films with Katja Heldt and the participants of the “Environment” project
Rheinsberg / DE, April – May 2020
World premiere


Short films by Sonia Lescène on the instruments of the “Environment” project
Rheinsberg / DE, April – May 2020; Berlin, February 2021
World premiere