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From the 84 Days

A film about Orquesta Experimental de Instrumentos Nativos, PHØNIX16 & noiserkroiser

Improvisation of contemporary music with indigenous instruments. A Bolivian orchestra stranded in Germany during Corona lockdown. Music in a state of exception.

For technical reasons, “Aus den 84 Tagen” unfortunately cannot celebrate its premiere at MaerzMusik as planned.

Wiphala (detail)

Wiphala (detail), rainbow flag, symbol of indigenous peoples in Bolivia, Peru and elsewhere

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In March 2020 25 young musicians from the Bolivian Experimental Orchestra for Indigenous Instruments (OEIN) came to Germany to play concerts in Berlin and Dresden. Due to the coronavirus pandemic, the concerts were canceled, then Bolivia shut down its borders and the musicians were stuck in the Music Academy in Rheinsberg Brandenburg for almost three months. Together with their german colleagues of the ensembles PHØNIX16 and noiserkroiser, they face the crisis developing several musical projects, a big part of them using improvisations in contemporary music. By leaving the stage mainly to the musicians and their performance, the camera becomes part of the improvisation, also opening up the question of how music can be filmed. A film about music as a form of communication in a state of exception.

From the 84 Days

A film by Philipp Hartmann with Orquesta Experimental de Instrumentos Nativos (OEIN), PHØNIX16 & noiserkroiser
DE / BO 2021, Colour, 105 min
In German and Spanish with English subtitles
World premiere


Orquesta Experimental de Instrumentos Nativos (OEIN) , PHØNIX16 & noiserkroiser
Philipp Hartmann direction, photography, editing, voice-over
Timo Kreuser & Philipp Hartmann dramaturgy
Alexis Baskind sound recording and mix
Flumenfilm, PHØNIX16, OEIN 2021 production

Orquesta Experimental de Instrumentos Nativos (OEIN), NOISERKREUSER & PHØNIX16
Andrea Alvarez, Samuel Arce, Álvaro Cabrera, Willy Chura, Miguel Córdova, Adriaana Escobar, Marco Flores, Einar Fuentes, Carlos Gutiérrez, Timo Kreuser, Ariel Laura, Tatiana López, Elba Mamani, Pablo Mamani, Camed Martela, María Victoria Medina, Nikolaus Neuser, Ethan Olmos, Pavlo Olmos, Johann Ortega, Victor Poma, Tracy Prado, Romina Quisbert, Gabriela Reyes, María Riqueza, Isabel Sanjines, Gabriela Saravia, Ariana Tavera, Mariel Terán, Giovanni Yapita