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useless land

Intensified perception between waking and sleeping

"useless land" is a compilation of fictional and theoretical texts that speak of a world before the industrial revolution. Catalina Insignares and Carolina Mendonça invite you to listen via Zoom.



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Past Dates

Please register until 25 March: (limited number of participants). After registration you will receive a zoom link to access “useless land”.

The night gives us some hours. Portals take time, they ask us to linger. “useless land” is a compilation of fictional and theoretical texts that speak about a world prior to the industrial revolution. These are texts that draw a cognitive map of other possible relations, other perspectives onto the human relationship with the environment, with animals, ghosts, plants, future and time … The Colombian dancer and choreographer Catalina Insignares (*1987) and the Brazilian director Carolina Mendonça (*1984) invite the public to spend the night with them, laying down and listening, in their own beds, connected via Zoom.
Prepare a soft-surfaced island at your home, and connect to a collective terrain, a space where sleeping is a way of understanding the world. Where voices trickle gently into the ears, weaving stories. A wasteland. "useless land" speaks to our time: the need to accompany each other through the distance; the need to trust this temporary community of people we share sleep with; the globalised vulnerability and collective unconscious; the local of the body and of the ghosts present. A vigil state where we can be together in dissension, with our different languages and dreams, in a state between alertness and sleep. The night offers us some hours to linger and listen.

The reading / performance will start on 26 March at 23:00 CET and will finish with the sunrise in Berlin, on 27 March at 5:55. Participant may sleep or be awake while listening.

Please register: (limited number of participants). After registration, you will receive a Zoom link that gives access to “useless land”.

Catalina Insignares & Carolina Mendonça

Texts by Sursignal, remote viewing club (Simon Asencio, Myriam Lefkowitz, Simon Ripoll-Hurier), Gloria Anzaldúa, Mary Shelley, Roger Ekirch, Michael Taussig, Jack Halberstam, Terre Thaemlitz, Olivia Laing, Sidarta Ribeiro, Octavia Butler, Toshiki Okada, Marie Thompson, Valeria Luiselli, Ursula Le Guin, Clarice Lispector, Jota Mombaça