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Thinking Together

Pacha Nete

Thinking Together as Ceremony – An Andean-Amazonian Online Encounter

Hosted by Arely Amaut Gomez Sanchez (PE/CA) & Milke Sinuiri Panduro (PE)
With Liisa-Rávná Finbog (NO), Sigrid Espelien (NO), Irma Alvarez Ccoscco (PE/US), Valentina Desideri (IT/PT), Tatjana Kolpus (NO)

Aerial view of the natural shapes and textures of a lake, taken with a drone

Aerial view of the natural shapes and textures of a lake. Taken via drone

© temizyurek

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Pacha, in Runasimi, the language of the Andean civilization, means space-time. There are three levels of worlds: the Uku Pacha (World Below - Inner Space), Kai Pacha (In-between World - The Space We Are In) and Kanan Pacha ( World Below - Exterior Space).
Nete, in Shipibo-Conibo, the language of the Amazonian civilization means, land, day, worlds.The interpretation and intonation of this word changes according to the daylight

During the Pacha Nete sessions, Peruvian artists Arely Amaut Gomez Sanchez and Milke Sinuiri Panduro share Andean-Amazonian knowledges as an invitation to encounter ancestral consciousness and healings directed towards a new time, the present future.

Through the symbology and principles embodied by the architectural complexes built by the ancestral society of the Andes we can (re)read knowledges that remind us of the possibility to integrate seeming binary opposites that are in fact complementary, Pachamama and Pachakamak, showing that chaos and cosmos support each other, the feminine with the masculine, intuition with reason, the interior and exterior etc. The messages of the medicinal plants of the Amazon in turn reach the circle of the ceremony in the form of healing chants in Shipibo-Conibo called “Ikaros”.

Ceremony brings us together in reciprocal conversation, which we gradually weave together as we listen deeply to each other. We can imagine the spoken as a healing song, the ceremony as layers woven-interwoven-interweaving cyclically. Pacha Nete is the (re)encounter of what is already woven between Andean and Amazonian ancestral knowledges, where Pacha means simultaneously worlds and times-spaces. The earth as Pacha and Nete, the plants as Pacha – each of us as Pacha, thus fractally infinitely interconnected and regenerating. We meet in the circle of this Thinking Together Ceremony and weave Pachas together.

One hundred times-spaces.
One hundred worlds.
One hundred lands.
One hundred mothers.
One hundred wombs.

'Gracias a los Abuelitos siempre presentes.'

Pacha Nete

Hosted by Arely Amaut Gomez Sanchez (PE/CA) & Milke Sinuiri Panduro (PE)
Tatjana Kolpus (SAMI), Languages weaver

22.3.2021, 16–18:00
With Liisa-Rávná Finbog (SAMI)
Seeding the ancestors

23.3.2021, 16–18:00
With Irma Alvarez Ccoscco, Quechua poet (PE/US)
Mayu Parru
Song for our inner uaua

uaua, in Runasimi, is child, baby, newborn or very young child.
mayu, in Runasimi, means river
parru, in Shipibo-Conibo, means river

24.3.2021, 16–18:00
With Sigrid Espelien (NO) & Arely Amaut (PE/CA)
How can we find emotional and physical ways to connect to land and soil through working with site specific clay?
(Co)remembering how to transit darkness within the lands, interior-exterior Clays .

25.3.2021, 16–18:00
With Arely Amaut (QUECHUA) & Valentina Desideri (IT/PT)
Poethical Readings: reading the Seeds