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Thinking Together

Transit in the House of Cancer

By Ariel Bustamante, Camila Marambio, Bernardo Rozo Lopéz, Bárbara Saavedra

Aerial view of the natural shapes and textures of a lake, taken with a drone

Aerial view of the natural shapes and textures of a lake. Taken via drone

© temizyurek

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Past Dates

The transit through the “House of Cancer” is a time commitment: one hour at a time via zoom cast on the 22nd of March at 23:00 CET and then again on the 24th of March 2021 at 23:00 CET. A limited number of twenty persons may transit, if you would like to join please email

“House of Cancer” is a building made of words. It is assembled from unwieldy conversations about cancerous embodiments, shared between curator Camila Marambio and ecologist Bárbara Saavedra, who for years have worked together on "Ensayos", a nomadic ecocultural research programme based in Karukinka, Tierra del Fuego, Chile. Until recently they had not spoken with each other about their experiences in the kingdom of the cancersick. Recent global crises has provoked them to reflect on cancerous interruption and through that lense on solitude, marginality, conservation biology, context, autopoiesis, disease, love and death. Their breathing together led them to want to circulate their words back into the world, for this purpose they are accompanied by the Bolivian anthropologist, healer and musician Bernardo Rozo López.
“The House of Cancer” is open(ended).
To transit within the House it is essential to be guided. The artist Ariel Bustamante has taught himself how to listen to the words, inhalations, exhalations, and sighs that live in the walls of the House. As a guide, he knows how to enter each room, how to exit, how to be with the breathing of others.