Staged reading / Live stream

Coop (German: Zaun)

by Sam Max
German translation by Robin Detje

In “Coop”, Sam Max develops an intense, rhythmical and disturbing web of a text. It leads us deep into the world of a girl who lives on a remote farm, isolated from the outside world, and becomes the reflection of an isolated society.

Sam Max

Sam Max

© Anton Novoselov

  • 1 h
  • In German with English subtitles

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Audio descriptive introduction
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In “Coop”, Sam Max creates the story of a girl who lives on a farm, trapped in ritualised acts and isolated from the outside world. The absorption by her parents, the strict rhythm of everyday life and the extreme constriction and loneliness result in a murderous pact that frees the protagonist from her prison. “Coop” asks questions about the viability of coexistence, about a decline in values and the price of emancipation in an America where isolation has long since become a reality, even before the pandemic.

Stückemarkt-juror Linda Pöppel about the text
“This is a finger painting of my family” are the first words spoken. But by that time, we have already entered deep into this world and this atmosphere, described only by a few stage directions. With their help, Sam Max invites us – or rather, draws us in – with equal measures of familiarity and abstractness, disturbing and with powerful images. Highly musical, a delicate rhythmical web, a cyclical series of rituals, prayers, memories. A world that creeps into the spectator. Full of pain, darkness, fear, oppression, violence, desire and longing. A nightmare. The absence of love, empathy, touch. An external and, above all, internal captivity. With the power of destruction and, at the same time, a quiet call for intimacy and freedom, “Coop” is merciless in its coldness, its loneliness, its forsakenness and – most of all – in its imagery. A deep gaze into the soul – the soul of a child, a girl, a family, a society. And not least into our own.

Artistic Team

Charlotte Sprenger Scenic arrangement
Kundry Reif Dramaturgy
Anne Laure Jullian de la Fuente Design
Philipp Plessmann Music

Johannes Benecke, Oska Melina Borcherding, Philipp Plessmann, Kara Schröder, Wolf-Dietrich Sprenger, Sabine Waibel