Staged reading / Live stream

Dreams in Blk Major

by Ta-Nia

In “Dreams in Blk Major”, Nia Farrell and Talia Paulette Oliveras weave a net made of dreams, wishes and memories that explores the challenges and hopes of the Afro-diasporan community in a poetic ritual.

Ta-Nia (Talia Paulette Oliveras & Nia Farrell)

Ta-Nia (Talia Paulette Oliveras & Nia Farrell)

© Bianca Rogoff

  • 1 h
  • In English

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Audio descriptive introduction
This scenic reading is preceded by an audio-descriptive introduction, which is integrated in the stream of the event. Simply start the video player to hear the introduction. The scenic reading will follow immediately afterwards.

In a ritualised, musical and collaged form, Nia Farrell and Talia Paulette Oliveras wrote the manifest “Dreams in Blk Major” as a “celebration in five movements”. Starting from the concept of a space as a place of testimony, they consider the BPoC movement in the USA as an Afro-futuristic movement. The text opens up a space for solidary discourse that radically questions classism and racism.

Stückemarkt-juror Laila Soliman about the text
As a collectively written piece, “Dreams in Blk Major” celebrates collaboration, communal practice. Its intimate form of address, along with its political thrust, allows it to speak directly to each individual in the room, as well as to the collective in the audience and beyond. The text is grounded in reality, directly interacting with audiences, yet simultaneously evoking a poetic dream world. It lays bare struggles and hopes shared among the Afro-diasporic community in a transnational context, while offering reflections on individual dreams, and thus proposes politics that challenge concentrations of power. We find honesty not bound with reality and poetic thoughts that are still grounded with the audience as part of direct reality. Throughout, it speaks directly to the present moment with its unique set of urgencies while also attempting a dream of new futures.

Artistic Team

Ernest Allan Hausmann Scening arrangement
Katrice Dustin Co-director
Hannah Schünemann Dramaturgy
Anne Laure Jullian de la Fuente Design

Amina Eisner, Victoire Laly, Alina Sokhna M’Baye, Abak Safaei-Rad, Barbara Saltman