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Drama and the Pandemic Or: The Polyphony of the Monologue

This conversation examines the question of which dramatic form will emerge from the Corona-crisis. Will the theatres’ programmes feature exclusively monologues over the next few seasons?

  • 1 h
  • In German with simultaneous translation into English

Past Dates

Berliner Festspiele Media Library
This event will be accessible  in the Berliner Festspiele Media Library for the time being.

This talk will focus on a form of dramatic text that is as old as dramatic writing itself: the monologue. The word itself indicates what it is about – an individual’s statement. But what distinguishes the monologue as a dramatic form? Is it even possible to have an individual’s pronouncement on stage, isn’t there always a second party present? How political can a dramatic text form be?


Sivan Ben Yishai Playwright, director
Nils Tabert Head of Rowohlt Theater Verlag
Antigone Akgün Author, performer

Janis El-Bira Moderation