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“Against Separation” Or: Who Is “We”?

This talk will explore the relationship between the individual and society. Is solidarity possible in a world that strives for self-optimisation above all else? And how can it create a world that accepts diversity and enables pluralism?

  • 1 h 30 min
  • In German with simultaneous translation into English

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The 2021 festival edition will be presented online.
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The idea for the Stückemarkt-motto of “Wider die Vereinzelung (Against Separation)” emerged almost two years ago. At that time, the questions of what could be strategies towards an open and equal social coexistence, what exactly is an act of solidarity and what a society without solidarity would look like were at the forefront. Today, the issue of solidarity in society as a whole has acquired a new urgency. It has expanded and was augmented by individual and collective experiences brought on by the Corona-pandemic. And thus, “Against Separation” will be shifted into a new context: How does this return to the individual affect our political consciousness? Who is this “We” that keeps coming up in our discourse since the beginning of the pandemic? What is the potential of the individual – and what is the potential of joint action?


Şeyda Kurt Journalist, author
Heinz Bude Sociologist
Max Czollek Author, essayist
Shelly Kupferberg Moderation

This talk will be supported by the Federal Agency for Civic Education/bpb.

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