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Apparatus and Anarchy

The city theatre as a learning institution

In her impulse lecture, Anna Volkland investigates how the production apparatus of publically funded city theatres came to be under so much pressure, and what more democratic structures would mean.

  • 20 min
  • In German with simultaneous translation into English

Past Dates

Berliner Festspiele Media Library
This event will be accessible  in the Berliner Festspiele Media Library for the time being.

When the topic of publically funded theatres is discussed, the current (self-)critical focus seems to be on the heated debate around the distribution of leadership and power, and the efforts to make changes. Nobody wants things to get “back to normal”. But art and democracy, so it is said, don’t go together. And isn’t the controlling, transgressive artistic director always the problem?
In her impulse lecture, Anna Volkland turns the question around: Why are examples of different forms of organisation and ways of working in the theatre forgotten so quickly? What exactly did we mean when we said that the way of making theatre itself is political?


Anna Volkland Dramaturg