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“Das Theater leben (The Life of the Theatre)” by Julian Beck

This is the first German-language edition of the collected writings of painter, activist and poet Julian Beck, who founded the revolutionary Living Theatre with Judith Malina. In a short reading, Jana Auburger und Hannah Heinzelmann will present excerpts from the book.

  • 15 min
  • In German

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Berliner Festspiele Media Library
This event will be accessible  in the Berliner Festspiele Media Library for the time being.

Julian Beck’s “The Life of the Theatre”, first published in 1972, is one of the classic collections of political, activist theatre literature. And yet, the miniatures, letters and poems in which the painter, poet and anarchist gives an insight into his notion of the theatre, expresses his criticism of society and shares his philosophical and spiritual thoughts, had never been published in German until now. From 16 May 2021, Julian Beck’s “Das Theater leben” will be  available from Theater der Zeit, translated by Beate Hein Bennett and Anna Opel. It was produced in cooperation with Berliner Festspiele and edited by Thomas Oberender. In a short reading, Jana Auburger and Hannah Heinzelmann will present selected parts of the book.


Jana Auburger, Hannah Heinzelmann Students from the Hanover University of Music, Drama and the Media’s acting course