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Focus Living Theatre

Living Theatre: Theatre & Activism

Based on the Living Theatre’s artistic practice, the topic of this discussion is the theatre as a medium for political activism. How does the Living Theatre work and what is the significance of the theatre as a way of living today?

  • 1 h
  • In German with simultaneous translation into English

Past Dates

Berliner Festspiele Media Library
This event will be accessible  in the Berliner Festspiele Media Library for the time being.

The Living Theatre is: experiment and mission, happening and improvisation, dialogue with the audience and resistance against injustice and violence. Do others continue to relate to the Living Theatre’s artistic concepts today? What are the forms of expression used by political, activist theatre today? And is it even possible for theatre to be unpolitical? Marcel Kohler, Joulia Strauss and Dirk Szuszies will discuss the legendary theatre company’s ideas and analyse their suitability for today’s practice.


Marcel Kohler Actor
Joulia Strauss Artist and activist
Dirk Szuszies Film director
Anna Opel Moderation