Online performative intervention


Within the framework of Bodies Object(s) Borders & Corners

Grupo Oito invites to an online performative intervention on the topic Body: Subject – Object. The Gropius Bau has almost been deserted for months: while the building is filled with objects, visitors are not allowed to enter. Grupo Oito took the chance to turn the empty staircases and corridors into a stage to deal with the topic Body: Subject – Object.

© Grupo Oito

  • 90 min
  • In English (possible other languages: German, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian)

Past Dates
Meeting-ID: 983 3278 8295

You do not need a Zoom account to participate in the event. Simply follow the link provided. Please mute your microphone. Have fun!

A discussion will follow the body camera experiment, where the members of the group and the workshop participants can exchange impressions, thoughts and ideas about the performative intervention and the broader topic.

Is the body a subject or an object? What makes the body an object? What does the objectifying gaze of our society to our bodies? This gaze has the power to categorise and thereby discriminate against people.
Today, technology has become one of our most important means of communication, our social life takes place in virtual space and the camera becomes an extension of our gaze. What happens then to our perspective on object and subject as a result?

In this 90 minutes workshop we will explore this topic together.