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Es ist zu spät

by internil (Arne Vogelgesang and Marina Dessau)

In a live reenactment of a video recording that he created several years ago, Arne Vogelgesang questions the efficacy of theatre in the face of the climate catastrophe.

Es ist zu spät

Es ist zu spät

© Loris Rizzon

  • 1 h
  • In German with English subtitles

Past Dates

After-show talk
on 19 May 2021 at 22:30, only in the chat

“Hi, nice to see you”, says Arne Vogelgesang, beaming into the camera. Via video, he takes his followers on a review of his past theatre work. Five years of documenting social transformation, five years of information, five years of determining his own position, five years of living at the poverty line. He talks about the extinction of species, climate change, water scarcity, displacement, poverty, injustice, the fortress of Europe, wars and fascism. What else could the theatre have done, except to repeat the narrative of the coming catastrophe? ”All the world’s a stage”, says Vogelgesang. “And its collapse is a pleasure.” Theatertreffen presents the interactive live stream version of “Es ist zu spät”, developed for the Impulse Theater Festival and Theaterdiscounter (Berlin), in which the audience can decide via chat at any moment whether they want to see the live-reenactment or the recorded original.

Artistic Team

Arne Vogelgesang Text, performance
Marina Dessau Outside eye, chat
internil Story
Kathrin Buhlan Make-up

Arne Vogelgesang

An internil production in co-production with Theaterdiscounter (Berlin) as part of the Monologfestival 2019.