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Las Travesías (The Crossings)

by Teatro en Red

In a Zoom-conference, the company Teatro en Red presents documentary theatre on the topic of migration, based on the lives of the five performers from Venezuela, who now all live in various South American and European cities.

Las Travesías (The Crossings)

Las Travesías (The Crossings)

© Sara Valero Zelwer

  • 45 min
  • In Spanish with English subtitles

Past Dates

After-show talk
on 20 May 2021 at 19:45

Based on the experiences of the five performers joining the video call from Buenos Aires, Caracas, Madrid, Paris and Santiago de Chile, “Las Travesías (The Crossings)” explores the phenomenon of the most recent Venezuelan migration. They follow the threads of migration in their own family histories and look at the political scenarios that lead to emigration, at the experience of being different once they reach their destination and at struggles with bureaucracy from various perspectives. After countless relocations and constant change, the question remains whether the digital sphere might become another place of refuge.

Artistic Team

Sara Valero Zelwer Director
Alexander Ramos Assistant director
Lya Bonilla Graphics
Oriana Nigro Acevedo Costume and lighting consultancy
Lismar Ramírez Sound
Santiago Brunati Original music
Claudio Laya Choreographic consultancy
Louani Rivero Video

Lya Bonilla, María José Mata, Oriana Nigro Acevedo, Lismar Ramírez, Sara Valero Zelwer

A Teatro en Red production with the support of Centro de Creación Artística TET.