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Make Me Up

by Rachel Maclean
Satire, UK 2018

In “Make Me Up”, Rachel Maclean creates a dystopian plastic world that drastically reveals the cruel downside of established notions of female beauty.

Make Me Up

Make Me Up. Film still

© Rachel Maclean

  • 45 min
  • In English

Past Dates

Siri wakes up to find herself a prisoner in a brutalist, candy-coloured clinic for plastic surgery and forced to compete in a perilous splatter-gameshow together with a group of other young women. The macabre game is directed by an authoritarian diva who exclusively speaks with the voice of art historian Kenneth Clark from the 1969 BBC-series “Civilisation”. While she forces the women to compete in increasingly demeaning tasks, Siri subverts the rules with the help of her fellow prisoner Alexa and finally reveals the secret of the “Make Me Up”-clinic.
Scottish multimedia artist Rachel Maclean takes a satirical look at the contradicting pressures that women are subject to today. With wit and dark humour, she exposes how social networks can be an important tool for feminist empowerment while at the same time posing the risk of total standardisation. Elements from her memorable imagery have been used for the visual design of this year’s Theatertreffen.

Artistic Team

Rachel Maclean Script, direction, design, editing
Scott Twynholm Music
David Liddell Director of photography
Jason Hillier VFX supervisor
Carolynne Sinclair Kidd Line producer
Sud Basu, Mark Bell, Clara Glynn, David Harron, Mark Thomas, Jenny Waldman Executive producers
John Archer, Angus Farquhar Producers

Rachel Maclean, Christina Gordon, Colette Dalal Tchantcho

We would like to express our thanks to Rachel Maclean for allowing us to use the festival motifs.