wo-bo-theater-ag of Wolfgang-Borchert-Gymnasium Halstenbek (Schleswig-Holstein)

Are you to squeeze your body into stays, and straight-lace your will in the trammels of law? Zounds! Believe me, that is not a good life. But here – There are no rules here! Here, freedom lives in the open air!
Welcome to the robbers!


R@uber II. [video trailer]

© wo-bo-theater-ag vom Wolfgang-Borchert-Gymnasium Halstenbek

  • 1 h 20 min

Past Dates

Jonas Antonacopoulos, Veronica Bartels, Linus Bewersdorf, Clara Corino, Louisa Fritz, Jasmin Gajda, Pascal Jessen, Linnea Kuphaldt, Jonas Lifke, Hauke Martens, Nils Martens, Andrada Monus, Alexandra Schrader, Kira Scobel , Emma Tost

Isabel Beckhaus, Finn Burmeister, Gian Nino Cartaffo, Eric Kiecksee, Johannes Kock, Nic Rossmann Light, sound, stage, video

Andreas Kroder Direction

Special thanks to
Schulverein WoBoGym e. V.
Bürgerstiftung Bruno Helms
Björn Münker & Harald Kratochwil