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Theatricality and Body in the Digital Sphere

The Lecture Performance “Es ist zu spät” by internil (Arne Vogelgesang and Marina Dessau) looks at the climate catastrophe and the contradiction between apocalypticism and every day routine. Thomas Oberender and Arne Vogelgesang will discuss this piece and the questions that it raises.

  • 1 h
  • In German

Past Dates

Berliner Festspiele Media Library
This event will be accessible  in the Berliner Festspiele Media Library for the time being.

With reference to the lecture performance “Es ist zu spät”, Arne Vogelgesang and Thomas Oberender will talk about the shift of theatre stages to the internet and the resulting changes in relationships and economies of audiences. What kind of game is the performer’s body caught up in online on a level of economics? What is the connection between the increasing monetarisation of all aspects of life and the younger generation’s awareness that they have been born into a global catastrophe caused by their parents? What does this mean for contemporary forms of theatre and concepts of the “character”?


Thomas Oberender Curator and artistic director Berliner Festspiele
Arne Vogelgesang Performing artist