Ensemble Musikfabrik II

Enno Poppe: “Prozession”
Enno Poppe, conductor

It is extremely rare that an experienced composer like Enno Poppe should be taken by surprise as much as he was when composing this work. He has called his new work “Prozession” – a musical journey of instrumental solos of the Ensemble Musikfabrik progressing together.

Paolo Monti, Arcades, Venice 1953

Paolo Monti, Arcades, Venice 1953

© Paolo Monti - serie fotografica (Venezia, 1969) - BEIC 6331354,CC BY-SA 4.0

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“Something happened here in a way I have never before written.” If you give your work the name “Procession”, you really shouldn’t be surprised if inexplicable things happen in the course of its creation. Enno Poppe is nevertheless amazed at where the journey has taken him within this work for ensemble, which is often extremely sparsely orchestrated. That the smallest cells and solitary motifs expand into sheer infinity is almost to be expected from him. However, his immersion in the material, the calmness with which he sets the sounds in motion here, following their slightest meanderings, is almost spiritual. “Procession” is a ritual, it is a wave that slowly and inexorably takes hold of everything and gently carries it away with it, that ebbs away, loses itself and forms anew. Enno Poppe has enjoyed a long and intense collaboration with the musicians of the Musikfabrik as composer and conductor. You can hear this familiarity in the enchanting solos, which this spiritual music celebrates in all serenity. The Soloists Ensemble for Contemporary Music from Cologne is the ideal ensemble for Enno Poppe’s expedition into the unknown, in which the electric guitar, of all things, promises particularly sacred moments.

Concert Programme

Enno Poppe (*1969)
Prozession (2020)
for large ensemble
Commissioned by Ensemble Musikfabrik, Bernd and Ute Bohmeier, Festival AFEKT and Kunststiftung NRW

A Berliner Festspiele / Musikfest Berlin event