Traces in the time to come!

Within the framework of Bodies Object(s) Borders & Corners

After many months of exile in digital spaces, we are now trying to pick up the threads again and carefully spin them further in a physical contact from person to person. We have brought the traces of the last nine months, tangible and virtual, back into a physical space. On this day, we invite everyone and giving opportunity to discuss. During the two hours, the space is open, free to walk through, explore and experience.

photo: Laura Fiorio, design: Miro Wallner

  • 120 min
  • In English (possible other languages: German, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian)

Past Dates

The workshop is open to all visitors who have a ticket for one of the exhibitions in the Gropius Bau on 25 June.

The issue of Bodies Object(s) Borders & Corners has taken on new meanings in recent months that have challenged us as artists.

Encounters were marked by the absence of bodies and touch. Rules and hygiene plans are the new boundaries that shape our living space and displace us into a seemingly hyper-connected virtual world. How much freedom of movement is left for bodies when they are treated like objects? Questions of equality and privilege push Grupo Oito to create spaces of resistance, commons and care.

Grupo Oito opens the door to expose traces of this process, to reflect and to continue weaving together.