JuGroBa x Jongerius: Slow Fashion

In a three hour workshop, young people between the ages of 14 and 19 are given the opportunity to delve a little deeper into the world of sustainable fashion. We cordially invite you to: a joint visit of the exhibition Hella Jongerius: Woven Cosmos, the creation of your own fashion pieces with professional help and a subsequent photo shoot in the Gropius Bau!

Hella Jongerius, Woven Cosmos – Installation View, Woven Systems (2021)

Akwétè cubes © Emeka Ogboh

© Emeka Ogboh

  • 3 h
  • In German language
  • 14 to 19 years

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Future-minded and sustainably oriented, Hella Jongerius explores spirituality, traditions and the handling of textiles in her exhibition Woven Cosmos. She deals with topics that matter a lot to young people today. How can we reconcile environmental responsibility with the individual exploration of fashion? What are possible sustainable alternatives? A field full of potential, it demands creativity, inspiration and desire. The Young Gropius Bau has developed a three hour workshop for young people aged 14 to 19. Inspired by the exhibition, you get the opportunity to explore the world of sustainable fashion yourself! Register now via