Dance / Film

Geh, Fühle!

Banda Agita – youth club of the GRIPS Theater in cooperation with the Junges Ensemble of the RambaZamba Theater

From birth, we sense, feel and touch our environment. Before we can talk, we communicate via touch. Touch stands for closeness and security, fear and threat, affection and rejection. And then, in 2020, Covid-19 suddenly reared its head and everything changed.

Geh, Fühle!

Geh, Fühle!

© Garcia

Past Dates

By and with
Inessa Fettin-Beganovic, Jonathan Bürkle, Cesary Hensel, Fabian Hochheim, Casper Hottenrott, Luise Kolbinger, Maria Liebl, Maximilian Obernauer, Ben Steppath

Oana Cîrpanu, Sandra Rasch Head, Direction
Kaveh Ghaemi Choreography
Seongji Jang, Tatjana Reeh Stage Design
Josephina Zarbock Assistance
Öz Kaveller, Andrey Salomatin Musical Composition
Cristina Amate (Dochkafilms) Video, Photography
Jerry Geiger Technical Director