HerStory and Sisters*

Company Women Performing For Feminism, Kulturwerkstatt KAOS
Leipzig (Saxony)

Why is feminism still relevant?
It’s all about cohesion. And about solidarity and freedom. Something that the performers not only want to show and tell but also make tangible to the audience. In the performance “HerStory and Sisters*”, the Women Performing for Feminism Company takes to the stage and tells its stories.

HerStory and Sisters*

HerStory and Sisters*

© Miguel Löhmann

Past Dates

Ryan Behrendt, Sophie-Marie Hertel, Jenna Kucera, Marlene Schmitzer, Josephine Scholl, Lilly Schubert, Luana Weiß

Lisa Wilfert Choreography and Artistic Direction
Chiara Dietze Assistance
Joseph Naumann Technical Director