Leif Randt: Fokus Color Italia

Author Leif Randt celebrates his planetarium debut with the associative audio collage “Fokus Color Italia”, in which the audience follows critical entrepreneur Joelle from the Mosel and young app genius Sina from Chiemsee on a late summer holiday trip.

Leif Randt: Fokus Color Italia

Fokus Color Italia

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  • 30 min

Past Dates

Text & Concept: Leif Randt
Video dramaturgy, using the video archive of the Stiftung Planetarium Berlin: Adam Kaplan
Voice Sina: Lara Scherrieble
Voice Joelle: Juno Meinecke & Lotta Beckers
English translation: Nicholas Mockridge
Recording: StudioXBerlin
Postproduction: Florian Meyer & Timo Bittner
Supervision: Georgios Mavrikos