Julia Stoschek Collection

Warm, Warm, Warm Spring Mouths

Ed Atkins
2013 / HD Video

With his hyperreal, computer-generated visual worlds, Ed Atkins reflects on fundamental developments in the reality of our lives. In ‘Warm, Warm, Warm Spring Mouths’ (2013) he examines how society deals with death and loss, and with the impossibility of representing them.

Close-up of the avatar in the water.

Ed Atkins, Warm, Warm, Warm Spring Mouths, 2013. HD video, 12'50", color, sound. Video still

Courtesy of the artist and Cabinet, London. On loan from the JULIA STOSCHEK FOUNDATION, Berlin/Düsseldorf.

  • 12 min 50 sec
  • In English with English subtitles

While earlier works by Ed Atkins still show remnants of real images, the protagonist of ‘Warm, Warm, Warm Spring Mouths’, apparently living alone in the depths of the sea, seems to have arisen entirely from a digitally generated world. One notable feature is his long, smooth, dark hair, billowing merman-like in the water. As if he is creating a parody that continues his focus on the subject of human hair from his work ‘Us Dead Talk Love’ (2012), Atkins emphasizes what remains the greatest weakness of current animation programmes: the realistic (re-)presentation of human hair. The British artist combines his questioning of the technologies he uses with the theme of death and loss that society usually confines to the realm of the personal – examining to what extent the emotions and thoughts associated with this can be communicated at all.