Nalan produces raw trip-hop and melancholic indie pop accompanied by slow-moving backing tracks and drum machines. In Saal 2 she will present her debut album for the first time.

A female read holds a microphone in her hand. Behind her blue and pink stage lights.

Nalan. The Sun Machine Is Coming Down

© Berliner Festspiele / Eike Walkenhorst

  • 40 min

Nalan uses music to address both social and personal issues, and allows her listeners to partake of these to an impressive degree. She produces her music together with walter p99 arke$tra, but performs live on her own, accompanied by samplers and vocal effects. Nalan’s first self-published EP “ugly” was released in 2018 still under the pseudonym slimgirl fat. She now reserves this stage name for her work as a DJ.