Rosaceae & Natascha P.


Rosaceae and Natascha P. – the two musical personae belonging to Leyla Yenirce – will appear together for the first time. In the one-hour performance “Carbon” they will be joined by musician Simav Hussein and producer F#X to invite listeners to a séance that will cross many boundaries – not just those of musical genres.

A female read person who squats behind synthesizers and two speakers on the stage floor.

Rosaceae: Carbon. The Sun Machine Is Coming Down

© Berliner Festspiele / Eike Walkenhorst

  • 60 min

While Rosaceae explores figurations of resistance and sonic aspects of dominant military, media and cultural structures, making use of sampled speech and self-written texts, Natascha P. explores the boundaries of pop and embarks singing, speaking, or whispering in search of artistic freedom. In “Carbon” both projects of the Hamburg based artist and musician are accompanied by the emerging Kurdish folk singer Simav Hussein and the music producer and multi-instrumentalist F#X.