The White Screen

The cousins Gabriel and Gilbert Broid have long been making a name for themselves in Israel’s musical underground scene with their band The White Screen. Their pop compositions deal with life in Israel and Palestine and bewitch listeners with latently dark and menacing sounds.

Two male read persons, all dressed in white, during a musical performance. The person in the foreground plays the guitar, the person in the background holds a microphone.

The White Screen. The Sun Machine Is Coming Down

© Berliner Festspiele / Eike Walkenhorst

  • 40 min

As a creative retreat to produce their latest album “Sex, Drugs and Palestine”, The White Screen chose the former basketball court at the Kibbutz Manara in Upper Galilee in the north of Israel close to the Lebanese border. There they created a complex pop album that deals with their own generation in both Israel and Palestine, and explores questions of identity. The band’s visual appearance and their music videos attest to their deliberate blurring of boundaries while bursting with visual extravagance and glamour. Their diverse circle of artistic friends includes the painter, sculptor, action artist, and activist Oren Fischer, who will appear along with the band at the ICC. The songs sung in Hebrew are reflected by Fischer’s illustrations that are created simultaneously. The works projected onto two screens both visualise and explain while the performance is flanked on both sides by large-scale flags.