Alexis Taylor

Alexis Taylor’s high, clear, gentle yet confident voice is one of the trademarks of the group Hot Chip. On the concert grand, the solo artist provides listeners with a comprehensive overview of his work that includes calm ballads.

Portrait of the musician Alexis Taylor. He is wearing a pink windbreaker, sunglasses, a golden bracelet and a watch. There are trees in the background.

Alexis Taylor, Dying in Heaven

© Matilda Hill Jenkins

  • 40 min

As the vocalist of the English pop group Hot Chip, Alexis Taylor has been releasing euphoric synth-pop and enlivening the club scene with his music already for twenty years. This summer Taylor released his sixth solo album “Silence”, which will be presented in Germany for the first time with his performance at the ICC. In “Silence” that was created during lockdown, Taylor is concerned with the influence of music on people whose everyday lives are dominated by crisis. The album questions the concept of silence, how we react to it, and the theme of religion and transcendence. Taylor will also use cover versions, to share with the audience the various external musical influences that have had a substantial impact on him in his career and which he regularly refers to on Instagram.