Nazanin Noori


At "The Sun Machine Is Coming Down", the sound artist performs a 50-minute multichannel drone music piece named “HAAL” that is particularly conceived for ICC's Saal 2.

The artist and musician Nazanin Noori is sitting at a house entrance. The floor tiles in front of her are warmly coloured and show signs of age.

Nazanin Noori

© Laura Falafel

  • 50 min

Nazanin Noori's overall work stems from music that is performed in ritual practices, Pauline Oliveros' principles for Deep Listening and Antonin Artaud's writing on the Theatre Of Cruelty. Her compositions are primarily in the healing sounds and spherical ambient realm, but branch out into techno and doom electronics.

HAAL is a post-industrial composition that blends atmospheric modular synth drones together with samples from traditional ethnic hymns and chants of the Sufis. Drones appear in pop culture, mainly in films, as spherical sound surfaces or as sentimental markers characterised by their atmospheric roaring sound and meditative monotony. HAAL refers to the Sufist state of ḥāl, which involves leaving habitual consciousness in order to develop an internal sensorial world separate from that of the musician.