Installation / Performance

The Exhibition Project

Darragh McLoughlin & Andrea Salustri

A series of durational performative installations in which circus artists endure a reinterpretation of their skill-based practice for a period up to four hours, revealing the human fragility behind the deceptive skilfulness of circus disciplines.

A male read person in a white T-shirt and black shorts holds a black circus ball in front of his body.

Andrea Salustri & Darragh McLoughlin: The Exhibition Project

© Andrea Salustri

“The Exhibition Project” offers an insight in the reality of circus artists, by presenting and exasperating the tension that accompanies its performativity within various disciplines.

Each performer is framed as an individual installation and will perform one single circus action for the whole exhibition. While being slowly transformed by the weight of time and effort over the course of the day, the skilfulness will dry out to let the human fragility appear over each body.

The dislocation of a single trick, from a place of focused and immediate heroism as in traditional and modern circus, to the extreme stretch of a durational performative installation, aims to challenge the notion of entertainment and reflects on the nature of circus.


Artistic Director Darragh McLoughlin
Curator Andrea Salustri
Production Sophia Kurmann, Squarehead Productions


Pole Darragh McLoughlin
Ladder Tomas Vaclavek
Ball Carrying Roman Skadra
Tightwire Louisa Wruck
Ball Balance Hendrik Van Meale
Handstand Steph Mouat & Valentina Moletti
Slackrope Theresa Kuhn


Supported by #takeaction, Förderung NEUSTART KULTUR Fonds Darstellende Künste, Schloss Bröllin, Stiftung Bauhaus Dessau