Installation / Performance

Freeway Dance

Ayaka Nakama

The performance is an invitation: in Ayaka Nakama’s “Freeway Dance” a four-hour dance solo transforms a living garden in the technoid environment of the ICC into a place of music, memories, and encounters.

A female read person in a white tulle skirt and a red kimono, holding her left leg up in the air and stretching her arms wide apart. She is in front of a garden landscape, which is located in a hall.

Ayaka Nakama: Freeway Dance. The Sun Machine Is Coming Down

© Berliner Festspiele / Eike Walkenhorst

  • 4 h

What is our first memory of dancing? Two years ago, the Japanese choreographer and performance artist Ayaka Nakama asked people she knew well to describe their first memories of their actual selves dancing. Based on these accounts, she has used her own body to reconstruct the movements they described. This forms the starting point for “Freeway Dance”. Ayaka Nakama welcomes us within a garden installation, that invites visitors to linger while its numerous organisms and references undermine the notion of a monoculture.

The four-hour performance “Freeway Dance” will be performed on seven of the ten days whereas the idyllic garden and its swing are open to visitors throughout the day. On entry to the garden, visitors will be given headsets to augment their aural experience of the installation. Enhanced by sound projections through additional loudspeakers on the gallery level above the foyer, “Freeway Dance” presents a range of perspectives on a place of wonder, where people, memories, and cultures meet.

This project is funded by Inga Maren Otto.


Dance Ayaka Nakama
Dramaturge Shunsuke Manabe, Tomonori Fujisawa
Contributors of the memories (choreographies) Tsubasa Ako, Chihiro Kanoh, Kimiaki Nakama, Tomonori Fujisawa, Tadasu Masuda and others
Scenography Design Monai Aun, Mikio Tazoe
Stage Manager Aiko Harima
Lighting Planner Asako Miura
Sound Bunsho Nishikawa
Black Cat Kasumi Harada
Cinema Bounce! Bounce! by Junya Suzuki
Management DANCE BOX
Tour Manager Satoko Shibata