Jörg Müller

“Noustube” – while circus artists normally make things dance, the body of the circus artist itself is transformed into a weightless object in this glass cylinder: with his jump into water, Jörg Müller and his invited performers set off into another world.

A male read person floats in an illuminated glass cylinder filled with water. Behind her an illuminated building. The building is the International Congress Centrum Berlin (ICC).

Jörg Müller: Noustube. The Sun Machine Is Coming Down

© Berliner Festspiele / Eike Walkenhorst

  • 20 min

Submerged, the floating bodies of the performance artists themselves become the objects of juggling. In Jörg Müller’s “Noustube” (2008), the three-meter-high, transparent cylinder filled with water becomes the stage for his circensic praxis. This is an exhibition space that, through the inexorable loss of control over one’s own body image, pays tribute to the unlimited freedom of expression. Based on his underwater solo performance “c/o” (2001), for his production of “Noustube” Jörg Müller has invited the artists Cendrine Gallezot and Chiharu Mamiya to perform freely in its tube-shaped vessels. The graceful and simultaneously peculiar underwater dance becomes a piece of theatre that conducts research into the elementary character traits of human existence.

Choreography and concept Jörg Müller
Performer Jörg Müller, Cendrine Gallezot, Chiharu Mamiya