Andrea Salustri

A choreography for several polystyrene shapes and one human. Through object manipulation, contemporary dance, and experimental music, the performance attempts to develop a non-verbal language for human and polystyrene to dialogue, observing and exploring the liveliness concealed within this material.

The shadowy contours of a male read person in a dark room. On the right arm of the person that is bent, a white and illuminated ball is balancing. An object that resembles a fan stands in front of the person.

Andrea Salustri: MATERIA

© Darragh McLoughlin

  • Two parts of 20 minutes each

“MATERIA” explores the possibilities of one material, polystyrene, to the point it becomes alive and the protagonist of the events on stage. The role of the performer shifts towards the one of a facilitator, and the focus is constantly negotiated between object, manipulator, and manipulation.

A path leads and follows the material from the hesitating movement quality of a delicate encounter to the loud soundscape of a self-sufficient apparatus. Drifting between calmness and darkness. Within a set score, objects are free to perform and take initiatives.In the frame of “The Sun Machine Is Coming Down” two excerpts of the show are presented individually in a unique adaptation with a new sound design.


Creation and performance Andrea Salustri
Live music Başak Günak - Ah! Kosmos
Light and Technical director Michele Piazzi
Technical team Andrea Parolin, Andreas Harder
Sound design Federico Coderoni, Başak Günak
Creative Advisors Kalle Nio, Roman Müller, Darragh McLoughlin, Alex Lempert, Benjamin Richter, Matthias Buhrow, Mariagiulia Serantoni
Diffusion Carolina Ortega - Aurora Nova international theatre booking
Co-production PERPLX

Residencies Espace Périphérique – La Villette, La Maison des Jonglages, Cirqu'Aarau, Katapult, Zirkusquartier Zürich, La Briqueterie CDCN du Val-de-Marne, kunstencentrum BUDA, PERPLX

Supported by circusnext European Platform co-funded by the Creative Europe Programme of the European Union, Chamäleon Productions, Cirqu'Aarau, circus re:searched, Berlin Senate Department for Culture and Europe, TelepART programme of the Finnish institute in Germany