70 Years of Berliner Festspiele

Sachliche Romanzen

Udo Lindenberg, Berliner Lektionen 1988
Renaissance Theater, 27.11.1988

The second year of Berliner Lektionen, a series of talks that continued until 2011, shaping the Berliner Festspiele’s discourse programme for an entire 24 years, chose Udo Lindenberg as an on-stage guest. A joyous mix of reading and concert where everything focuses on the divided capital city.

Udo Lindenberg in close-up. He holds the microphone in his right hand in front of his mouth and makes a gesture with his left hand. Lindenberg is dressed in a dark jacket and wears a beige hat, gold jewelry, and a black and white striped tie.

Udo Lindenberg in: “Sober Romances”, Berliner Lektionen 1988. Film, colour, sound. Film still

© Berliner Festspiele | Haus Bertelsmann | ZEIT-Stiftung | Udo Lindenberg

  • 44 min
  • German without subtitles

The non-conformist Udo Lindenberg, who had chosen Berlin as his home was unique in being allowed to take part in a Lektion” that was not on a Sunday morning. He felt “completely confronted by history” and “fully on the ball politically” because “one thing’s clear, you can’t leave anything up to politicians alone, they create too much shit, history shows that. […] The city is a bit yuppified. But I’m not going to buy a trendy new suit, I’m going to carry on listening to Marlene Dietrich and Erich Kästner, Bertolt Brecht and Heiner Müller, I’m going to keep on looking at the wall until it’s no longer there. I’m going to visit Honecker and I will protest if I’m put out. Whatever people say against me: I’m always thinking of Berlin. People, now I’m going to sing my last song. Unless you want to sing a bit too. The stage is open today.”

33 years later uPhone wrote about this mix of reading, concert with a small band and speeches: “it’s a great piece, casual, relaxed, be generous and release it please udo.”


Udo Lindenberg
Hendrik Schaper
Uwe Wegner

© Berliner Festspiele | Haus Bertelsmann | ZEITStiftung | Udo Lindenberg