Spider Walk

Arachnophilia and Studio Tomás Saraceno

Tomás Saraceno is an Argentine-born, Berlin-based artist whose practice, consisting of floating sculptures, international collaborations and interactive installations, proposes and dialogues with forms of inhabiting and sensing the environment that have been suppressed in the Capitalocene era. The web/site and the “Spider Walk” through the ICC, accompanied by members of the Arachnophilia community, invite participants to expand their fields of perception to attune to the interspecies ecologies they inhabit.

Spider webs between branches.

Arachnophilia und Studio Tomás Saraceno: Spider Walk. The Sun Machine Is Coming Down

© Berliner Festspiele / Eike Walkenhorst

  • 60 min

With a collective call for environmental justice that enables interspecies cohabitation, Tomás Saraceno’s artistic collaborations open renewed relationships between terrestrial, atmospheric and cosmic realms.

Saraceno’s deep interest in spiders and their webs reaches back a decade and led to the formation of Arachnophilia, an interdisciplinary and research-driven initiative. Arachnophilia proposes new, speculative, and technological paths to explore the affective relationships between spiders and human beings – harnessing digital tools to cultivate multispecies kinship in the techno- and the biosphere.

As part of Arachnophilia’s commitment to attending to nonhuman kin in shared ecologies, and in the context of the global decline in invertebrate populations, the Studio has initiated a collaborative spider/web mapping exercise to notice and map the spider/web ecologies that surround us. The spider/webs encountered can then be geotagged using the Studio’s Arachnomancy app, building upon the studio’s collaborative map against extinction.

Guided by members of the Arachnophilia community, a spider/web tour through the closed down building of the ICC offers visitors tools to cultivate new ‘arts of noticing’ arachnid architectures, providing the opportunity to attune to the multispecies ecology of this architectural icon.

This walk accompanies the launch of a web/site, co-produced by the Berliner Festspiele, that opens a dialogue with our arachnid kin, seeking a more equal balance of techno-, human- and biodiversity. In collaboration with Arachnophilia friend David Zeitlyn, the website meditates on the possibilities for reciprocal, intercultural and interspecies relation.

As part of "Down To Earth",  „Intervertebrate Rights" (2020) gives an insight into the research of Arachnophilia and Studio Tomás Saraceno