70 Years of Berliner Festspiele

Asien und Avantgarde. Metamusik Festival III

1978 / Colour
Neue Nationalgalerie, 3.–31.10.1978
Documentary by Detlef Michael Behrends

In 1978 Metamusik III represented the finale of this legendary festival format conceived by the Austrian radio pioneer and curator Walter Bachauer.

A female and Asian read person sits on the floor of a darkened room. She wears a white silk kimono and plays the plucked instrument in front of her.

Kazue Sawai in: Detlef Michael Behrends, “Asia and Avantgarde. Metamusik Festival III”, Neue Nationalgalerie 1978. Film, colour, sound. Film still

© RBB | DMB Film- und Videoproduktion | Courtesy of the artists

  • 58 min

“METAMUSIK III knows no first, second or third world. Economic divisions between North and South, East and West have little relevance if one wished to apply them unchecked to the field of musical aesthetics. As in the 1974 and 1976 festivals, METAMUSIK III presents examples of a still barely formulated theory of contradiction between multiplicity and simplicity in world music. […] The final days or the first, the people Otte wrote about from ancient dynasties, warriors, goddesses, potentates, Singaporean singers, mime artists, acrobats, the underwater battle in the jade-green river Lok – Noh-artists and electronic music, silence and action, Japanese koto players, Mr Kita and twisting fans, the voice of Meredith Monk to the beat of world music, the Peking Radio Orchestra and the 100 flowers of the cultural spring, Gensho Honda leaves the Tendai monastery with the monks to celebrate shomyo in Berlin, the gentle alaps of Munawar Ali Khan in the Calcutta style, the birth of modern Thai opera in a hut of rushes … walk into the menagerie …”
(Extracts from the programme notes)

© RBB | DMB Film Berlin | Courtesy of the artists