The New Infinity Cinema: Agnė Jokšė

Unconditional Love

In “Unconditional Love”, Agnė Jokšė examines caring, compassion and love between generations in the context of social and political changes in Lithuania during the transition from the Soviet Union and its economic and ideological models to today's independent state.

Scene from "Unconditional Love" by Agne Jokse. A young woman and an older man are standing in front of a window, she has her arm on his shoulder.

Unconditional Love

© Agnė Jokšė

  • 43 min

Agnė Jokšė observes and follows the thread of family relations as it takes her to seemingly ordinary, but tender emotional places. By filming and interviewing her extended family in Lithuania and the Lithuanian diaspora in Europe, she chronicles their rituals and collects their memories in an attempt to portray the “lost” generation that her parents belong to. Jokšė’s research originates in the idea of generational divide and cultural trauma but the notion of “Unconditional Love” is tranquil. It reaches beyond disappointment or conflict into a state of shared familiarity, where one is resigned, resting, joking, worrying, and sharing with each other.